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The Kassie Years

Kassie June 2007
Kassie's first day with us in June 2007..  

2009 Kassie Helping at the farm.




First night at the farm house moving in, 2011


2016 Spring, Kassie as Mistress of her Domain!



Kassie is giving me Stinkeye because Jon Snow has snuck into the bedroom and gotten on Kassie's Bed.
Kassies Hunting in 2014.   Shhhh!  Be vewy quite.  I hear a little bunny rabbit!
Our sweet girl Kassie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 24, 2018.   She was the sweetest dog we've ever had.     We wish to thank everyone who expressed sympathy and especially the staff at Kewanee Veterinary Clinic, who were just great with Kassie.