Horsing Around on the Rottweiler Ranch

Skippy was our first horse on the farm.   Skippy was a "Free" horse, which is also know as a Unicorn.  We both loved Skippy and she was a real beauty, but we lost her in October, 2013 to Colic or some type of obstruction. 
We leased Bravo for several years and both Patty and Grant used him for riding lessons. He was never quartered at the Rottweiler Ranch, but we still consider him part of " The Thundering Herd ".
August 28, 2016 Penny and Jett came to live with us at the farm.   Grant had already moved down to the farm full time and Patty moved down in a couple of months. 
Winter of 2018-2019 was a nasty one,  Jett and Penny are thanking us that they have a heated stable now (just keep it a little above freezing).