Kelley's World:

We hired Kelley from to assist us in the web site, after the loss of Klaus.  Along with providing with support on the farm, she's our official rhinoceros repelling hound.  We must say, she's done a wonderful job of that because no rhino's have been seen at the farm since she took over.  


Patty and Kelley relax in the front yard. 

August 2003.


On a trip to Northern Wisconsin Kelley discovered where Cheese came from.  Wisconsin has been her favorite vacation spot since then.

September 2004

I'm sure there is a Bunny here!

May 2005

On the trail of the vicious chipmunk.  He's been taunting Jack and Kelley all summer!  Kelley did discover that Jack was useful in chasing squirrels and rabbits.  

Kelley hired an assistant Jack in December 2004.

   Kelley's Obituary